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The geniuses who have shaped the world into its current form for millions of years! From Galileo to Albert Einstein the heroic minds of science and ideals, ranging from Nikola Tesla to Satoshi Nakamoto. They went after what they believed in. Most of the time they were branded crazy. Perhaps they took serious risks during their journey. And perhaps sometimes they got lost in the science and art, which they were so sure of. But at the end of the day, they contributed to the evolution of the primitive world into what it is today. And they guided humanity itself to take the next step.


Brain Indicators

  • Brain Premium
  • Brain Pro
  • Brain SnipeBot
  • Discord Roles

Premium (Auto) for Legendary NFT user:

Brain PREMIUM is the full version that can be used with exclusive access to BraiNFT holders.

What is this brain premium indicator?

It creates an algorithm by taking the calculation of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, price action and multiple indicators.

When the algorithm completes its calculation, it draws the shorts and long entries to the screen and determines the stop points.

When short or long entries are made, it calculates your Take profit point.

"Now you can earn money without any knowledge..."

Indicator Settings:
Mode: Scalp / Normal
Take Profit: Low TP, High TP and Risky TP

NOTE: Use only in SCALP MODE for 5 min chart.
Use in NORMAL MODE on 30m / 2h / 4h / 1D charts.
Where can it be used?
- Crypto Market
- Forex Market
- Bist
- Index Price

Premium Tradingview Link: TW DEMO

Pro(Auto) for Alpha NFT user: Only Bitcoin and Ethereum Pair

Pro Tradingview Link: TW DEMO This Pro version is similar of Premium version. You can use ONLY BTC and ETH Pair.

Brain SnipeBot

Coming Soon...

Discord Roles?

BraiNFT, which consists of the Common, Epic and Legendary NFT collection, will provide you with access to Analyzes, Trading Tools, News Feeds, New Projects, Brain Pro, Premium and the upcoming Snipebot shared through the community.

You can get your roles by logging in from the link Discord and clicking the Lets'go Button in the HOLDER-VERIFY section with your Metamask.

You can ask us any questions you may have by coming to our Discord channel and creating a Ticket section below, or you can directly consult our moderator friends in the JR.MOD section.
Common NFTs: Access to Discord, Trade Tools, Trade and News Channels
Alpha NFTs: Access to Discord, Brain Pro indicator, Trade Tools, Trade and News Channels
Legendary NFTs: Access to Discord, Brain Premium indicator, Brain SnipeBot, Trade Tools, Trade and News Channels


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